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Kitchen Life 2 Working Group

ACSS Kitchen Life 2 Working Group

Last updated: 14 June 2022


To provide feedback on FSA’s Kitchen Life 2 project being led by Basis Research Ltd.

The working group continues to support the innovative, cross-cutting, and multi-disciplinary research project Kitchen Life 2 (KL2), which aims to better understand kitchen behaviours in domestic and commercial kitchens. The KL2 pilot study was completed in July 2021. Waves 1, 2 and 3 of fieldwork are complete, with 35 households and 22 food businesses being filmed and analysed so far. Wave 4 is underway, and Wave 5 will take place in Autumn 2022, with a focus on meat-eating households and takeaways to boost representation. Following fieldwork completion, analysis will focus on key risky behaviours. A handbook of behavioural interventions will be produced, using the COM-B framework to identify the main barriers and levers to hygienic practices, and to identify where behavioural interventions may be most feasible.

We are also extending the scope of the study to conduct some follow-up research on sustainability behaviours, and have commissioned two masters students to conduct secondary analysis on cleaning and handwashing behaviours. The working group is supporting with the scoping of these new projects.



Julie Barnett (Chair)

Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Susan Michie

Julie Hill



For further information on the working group please see Paper 8.4 for the 8th Open ACSS meeting

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