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Kitchen Life 2 Working Group

ACSS Kitchen Life 2 Working Group

Last updated: 06 April 2022


To provide feedback on FSA’s Kitchen Life 2 project being led by Basis Research Ltd.

The working group continues to support the innovative, cross-cutting, and multi-disciplinary research project Kitchen Life 2 (KL2), which aims to better understand kitchen behaviours in domestic and commercial kitchens. The KL2 pilot study was completed in July 2021. Waves 1 and 2 of fieldwork are complete, with 22 households and 14 food businesses being filmed and analysed so far. Wave 3 is underway, and Wave 4 taking place in summer 2022. There will potentially be a Wave 5 in Autumn 2022. Following fieldwork completion, analysis will focus on key risky behaviours. A handbook of behavioural interventions will be produced, using the COM-B framework to identify the main barriers and levers to hygienic practices, and to identify where behavioural interventions may be most feasible.

Updated March 2022.



Julie Barnett (Chair)

Hannah Lambie-Mumford

Susan Michie

Julie Hill



For further information on the working group please see Paper 8.4 for the 8th Open ACSS meeting

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