Past Working Groups

Last updated:
13 May 2019

Applying behaviour science 2018-2019

 In the last two years we have been building internal capability and worked with other government departments and external organisations, including academic institutions, to access relevant expertise and knowledge on how best to apply behavioural science in our engagement with:
•Consumers to ensure food is safe and is what it says it is
•Regulators of food businesses who are responsible for complying with food safety regulation .

This group was set up to review the progress we’ve made and scope out new work in line with emerging priorities. The purpose of this working group was to help assure best practice and outcomes in the application of behavioural science to the upcoming work of the FSA.

Risk Communication 2018-2019

The Risk Communication working group provided a gap analysis of the Science Council principles, and advice on how best to turn them into a workable framework. They also provided academic support on a review of existing and recent risk communications frameworks for UK Government, understanding their evolution, how they are used, and what are the learning points one might take forward

Food and You 2018-2019

The Working Group’s procedure included (i) consultation with FSA staff and external stakeholders on the Agency's portfolio of consumer research, with particular reference to the F&Y survey, (ii) an assessment of the alignment of the different strands of consumer research with the Agency's strategic objectives, (iii) a review of the F&Y topics and concepts, and (iv) lessons from contemporary survey research methodology practice.