11th ACSS Plenary - July 2023

Last updated: 14 August 2023


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Declaration of Interests
  • Actions from last meeting and Chairs Update
  • Update from FSA Chair
  • Secretariate Update
  • Working Group Updates
  • GSR Review
  • KSN Event Reflections
  • Analytics Unit Update
  • SAC Review
  • Science Council Update
  • Forward Look
  • AOB
  • Close


The 11th Open Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (ACSS) included updates from: the Secretariat, on staffing changes and reflections on the recent ACSS networking event; Working Group chairs, on recent activity of current groups; the Head of Social Science, on the recent independent Government Social Research (GSR) review of FSA’s Social Science Team; and the Heads of Analytics Unit and Social Science, on recent activity and priorities going forward.


  • Update from Professor Susan Jebb, Chair of the FSA. 
  • Nat Gladstone provided an overview of the Science Advisory Committees (SAC) review and the outcomes of this for the ACSS.
  • John O’Brien, the interim chair of the Science Council (SC), gave an update on recent activity.
  • Members discussed potential future work for the ACSS. 

Associated Papers

Paper 11.1 ACSS Secretariat Update (July 2023)

Paper 11.2 Kitchen Life 2 Working Group - Update (July 2023)

Paper 11.3 Economics Working Group - Update (July 2023)

Paper 11.4 Wider Consumer Interests Working Group - Update (July 2023)

Paper 11.5 Assurance Working Group - Update (July 2023)

Paper 11.6 FSA Analytics Unit Update (July 2023)

11th meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (July 2023) Minutes