Working Group

Assurance Working Group

Last updated: 16 November 2022


The overall aim of the ACSS assurance working is to explore how best to facilitate assurance of the quality, value and impact of social science in the FSA. The group is coming to an end of their work on the ‘good science’ quality assurance toolkit, which will support the commissioning of high-quality research across FSA sciences. The toolkit will be published on the ACSS website when finalised. Working group members are key contributors to the Social Science Gateway Process, and as such review the research questions and methodology of all new social science projects. 


Terms of reference 

The ACSS Assurance Working Group supports the quality of FSA science by:

  1. overseeing the commissioning, development and piloting of a "good science" quality assurance checklist/toolkit which will support the commissioning of high-quality research across our sciences, (December 22 delivery).
  2. advising on a brief for independent evaluation looking at the social research output against the GSR standards and making recommendations on any areas of improvement, (Spring 23 delivery).
  3. feeding into shorter term ad hoc requests to support continuing improvement

The TORs will be refreshed following completion of 1 and 2, to reflect any future needs identified by these activities. 


For the most recent update on working group activity please see the update provided in Paper 9.3 of the 9th Open ACSS meeting.