12th ACSS Plenary - February 2024.

Last updated: 10 May 2024


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Declaration of interests 
  • Actions from the last meeting and Chairs update 
  • Secretariat update
  • Science Council Update
  • Analytics Unit update 
  • Maximising engagement with FSA Social Research, using Food and You 2 as a case study.
  • Working group updates
  • FSA Food System Strategic Assessment
  • UPFs Research Question Workshop
  • AOB
  • Close


The 12th Open Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (ACSS) included updates from: the Secretariat, ACSS Chair, Working Group Chairs, the Chair of the Science Council, and Heads of Analytics Unit and Social Science. Substantive discussion items included: increasing academic engagement with key FSA evidence sources, horizon scanning to feed into the FSA strategic assessment, and research questions around consumer attitudes and practises around UPFs.

Associated Papers

12.1: Secretariat update

12.2: Analytics Unit update

12.3: FY2 Engagement Strategy

12.4: Kitchen Life 2 Working Group update

12.5: Economics Working Group update

12.6: Wider Consumer Interests Working Group update

12.7: Assurance Working Group update

12.8: Understanding Regulatory Change Working Group update

12.9: 2023 Strategic Assessment: Insights Brief 

12.10: UPF Consumer Research Questions

12th meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (February 2024) Minutes