7th ACSS plenary - June 2021

7th ACSS plenary - June 2021

Last updated: 19 July 2021

In line with government guidance, due tot he ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the ACSS secretariat is unable to invite people to attend the open ACSS meeting 'in person'. This meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams with minutes and papers of the open meeting published to the ACSS website once they are available. 

Members of the public are invited at send in any questions they have for the ACSS on the topics under discussion (see agenda) at this open meeting. Please send any questions to before midday on 21st June 2021.

We will try to answer your questions at the meeting, but if we are unable to do this, we'll try to provide a written response before the next ACSS meeting. 

While questions about the activities of the ACSS are welcomed, the ACSS cannot answer questions on the FSA or FSA policy in general.


A full agenda will be published nearer the time once it has been confirmed.

Meeting attendees


Susan Michie - Committee Chair

Julie Hill - Committee Member

Julie Barnett - Committee Member

Hannah Lambie-Mumford - Committee Member

George Gaskell - Committee Member

Dan Rigby - Committee Member

Seda Erdem - Committee Member

Spencer Henson - Committee Member

John Mcternan - Committee Member

Food Standards Agency

Robin May - FSA Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA)

Rick Mumford - Deputy Director - Science Evidence and Research

Michelle Patel - Head of Social Science

Rebecca Gillespie - ACSS Secretariat Lead

Catherine Bartle - ACSS Secretary

Sarah Brabham - ACSS Secretary

Lucy King - Social Science

Peter Learmonth - Economist