7th ACSS plenary - June 2021

7th ACSS plenary - June 2021

Last updated: 17 November 2022

Papers from the 7th ACSS plenary meeting on the 22nd June 





The 7th Open Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Sciences (ACSS) included an update from the Secretariat on member reappointment, ad hoc requests, and expenses. Further updates were given from the ACSS:

  • Michelle Patel and Tim Johnston updated on key projects within the FSAs analytics unit.
  • Professor Sandy Thomas, Science Council Chair gave an update on the outputs from the Science Council working groups.
  • The ACSS Secretariat are exploring how best to utilise the website and will circulate a paper to this effect.
  • The working groups gave updates on their various work stages, with particular focus on the Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour Working Group. This included highlighting the need to work closely with the Science Council and identify other relevant work on climate change (within the FSA, and internationally).
  • Presentations were given on key messages from the Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour Expert Workshop and Food and You 2 Wave 1 results Key findings from both were discussed.



7.1: FSA Analytics Updates


This paper provides an update on recent and upcoming FSA Social Science research publications. Examples include:

  • Staff changes including new FSA Chair
  • Updates on Food & You 2 and Kitchen Life 2
  • Input into the food hypersensitivities work programme


7.2: ACSS Scientific Advisory Committees Updates


This paper summarises the recent activity of the FSA's Scientific Advisory Committees in June 2021.


7.3: Assurance Working Group Update 


This paper summarises key activities and future actions of the Assurance Working Group


7.4: Kitchen Life 2 Working Group Update


This paper provides an update on progress for Kitchen Life 2 Working Group, including:

  • Updates on key activities and future actions


7.5: Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour Working Group Update


This paper outlines the activity of the climate change and consumer behaviour working group since the ACSS meeting on 1st December 2020, including:

  • Information on the Expert Workshop
  • Next steps for the Working Group 


P.6: Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour Workshop Summary 


P.7: Food & You 2 Wave 1 Executive Summary


Meeting attendees


Susan Michie - Committee Chair

Julie Hill - Committee Member

Julie Barnett - Committee Member

Hannah Lambie-Mumford - Committee Member

George Gaskell - Committee Member

Dan Rigby - Committee Member

Seda Erdem - Committee Member

Spencer Henson - Committee Member

John Mcternan - Committee Member

Food Standards Agency

Robin May - FSA Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA)

Rick Mumford - Deputy Director - Science Evidence and Research

Michelle Patel - Head of Social Science

Rebecca Gillespie - ACSS Secretariat Lead

Catherine Bartle - ACSS Secretary

Sarah Brabham - ACSS Secretary

Lucy King - Social Science

Peter Learmonth - Economist