8th ACSS Plenary- January 2022

8th ACSS Plenary- January 2022

Last updated: 14 January 2022

The next open meeting of the ACSS will be held on the 26th January 2022 and details posted here.

In line with government guidance, due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the ACSS secretariat is unable to invite people to attend the open ACSS meeting 'in person'. This meeting will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams with minutes and papers of the open meeting published to the ACSS website once they are available. If you wish to addend this meeting, please contact the secretariat here.

Members of the public are invited at send in any questions they have for the ACSS on the topics under discussion at this open meeting. Please send any questions to . Please note any questions should be sent by the 5th January 2022.


  1. Update from Chair and Secretariat
  2. ACSS working group updates
    • Assurance
    • Kitchen Life 2
    • Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour
    • Wider Consumer Interests
  3. ACSS support to Economic Analysis
  4. Update from Science Council Chair
  5. Update from Analytics Unit and new work programmes in Analytics Unit
  6. Emerging FSA Strategy, and alignment of the social science research portfolio and ACSS expertise