8th ACSS Plenary- January 2022

8th ACSS Plenary- January 2022

Last updated: 06 April 2022

Papers from the 8th ACSS plenary meeting on the 26th January 2022


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The 8th Open Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Sciences (ACSS) included an update from the Secretariat on ACSS recruitment and the SAC triennial review. Further updates were given from the ACSS:

  • Working group chairs updated on recent activity of current groups.
  • The FSA chief economist, Nick Daniel, presented a proposition paper for a new working group to support economic analysis. The committee felt this was a good idea, but requested TORs be carefully drafted to ensure clear parameters and limit scope creep.
  • Professor Sandy Thomas, Science Council Chair gave an update on recent Science Council activity.
  • Michelle Patel and Tim Johnston provided an update on the work of the Analytics Unit. Ely Mirzahosseinkhan and Phil Jones provided an update on new work programmes; Wider consumer interests and behaviour trials.
  • Ben Haden and Sam Faulkner provided an update on the emerging FSA strategy which will be published in March 2022.
  • The secretariat presented initial assessment of how well key strategy themes were covered by a) FSA social science projects and b) ACSS expertise.


Associated Papers

ACSS Secretariat Update (January 2022) Paper 8.1 

Assurance Working Group - Update (January 2022) Paper 8.2 

Kitchen Life 2 Working Group Update (January 2022) Paper 8.3

Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour Working Group Update (June 2021) Paper 8.4 

Wider Consumer Interest Working Group - Update (January 2022) Paper 8.5

Economics Working Group Proposition (January 2022) Paper 8.6

FSA Analytics Unit Update (January 2022) Paper 8.7

Social Science Coverage of FSA Strategy Themes Paper 8.8 

Eighth Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (January 2022) Minutes

Eighth Meeting of the ACSS (January 2022) Agenda