9th ACSS Plenary - July 2022

9th ACSS Plenary - July 2022

Last updated: 11 November 2022


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Declaration of interests 
  3. Actions from the last meeting 
  4. Chairs update 
  5. Secretariat update 
  6. Analytics Unit update 
  7. Update from Science Council chair 
  8. Working group updates 
  9. Assurance 
  10. Kitchen Life 2 
  11. Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour 
  12. Wider Consumer Interests 
  13. Economics Support 
  14. FSA research exploring household food insecurity
  15. Discussion around future work plan exploring household food insecurity
  16. AOB
  17. Close


The 9th Open Meeting of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (ACSS) included updates from: the Secretariat, on recruitment and the SAC review; Working Group chairs, on recent activity of current groups; and the Heads of Analytics Unit and Social Science, on key programmes of work.


  • Professor Susan Michie announced that she is stepping down as ACSS Chair. Following the recent recruitment process, the current Deputy Chair, Julie Hill, will take over the role of Chair from October 2022.  
  • Professor Sandy Thomas, Science Council Chair gave an update on recent Science Council activity.
  • Zena Lopez, Head of FSA Strategy Development explained the FSA’s focus on household food insecurity, with Joanna Disson subsequently outlining the future work plan in this area and facilitating a discussion amongst the ACSS members.

Associated Papers