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Professor Susan Michie (Chair)

Last updated: 21 July 2021

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Susan Michie, FMedSci, FAcSS, is a Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London. Susan is a chartered clinical and health psychologist, and elected Fellow of the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Social Sciences, where she Chaired the Academy’s ‘Health of People’ Advisory Committee, as well as the USA’s Academy of Behavioural Medicine Research and its Society of Behavioural Medicine. She has also served on NICE’s Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee. Her research focuses on behaviour change in relation to health, and investigating innovative methods for developing, evaluating and implementing behavioural interventions to improve health and environmental sustainability.

Register of Interests

In line with FSA policy and established good practice for accessing external expertise, Scientific Advisory Committee members are required to declare any personal or non-personal interests which represent a real or potential conflict in respect of general or specific aspects of work undertaken. Interests will be managed in accordance with the FSA’s policy and guidance. 

If members have interests not specified in these notes, but which they believe could be regarded as influencing their advice or other work for FSA, they should declare them. However, members are not under any obligation to search out interests of which they might reasonably not be aware. For example, either through being unaware of all the interests of family members, or of not being aware of links between one company and another. 

Current Interests


Category of Interest Organisation / Body and Nature of Interest (period)

Direct employment


University College London

Other fee-paid work from relevant organisations, consultancies


In 2020 I was paid by the WHO to provide consultancy in the form of behavioural science advice on the Covid19 pandemic



I am the settlor and trustee of family trusts, which is invested on a discretionary basis with stringent ethical guidelines in place. I have no involvement in the selection of shares.

Membership, affiliation, trusteeships or decision-making position with relevant organisations


I am Director of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change; co-Director of NIHR’s Behavioural Science Policy Research Unit and serve on the Scientific Advisory Group in Emergencies

Other personal interests


I am co-Director of Unlocking Behaviour Change, a not-for-profit company


Category of Interest Organisation / Body and Nature of Interest (period)

Fellowships endowed by relevant organisations


Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Social Sciences, Society of Behavioral Medicine, European Health Psychology Society, British Psychological Society

Indirect financial or non-financial support from relevant organisations


Financial support from a large range of research funding bodies, including the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council, National Institute of Health Research and CRUK.

Research interests or funding which could benefit from work with FSA


My research focuses on behaviour change in relation to health.