Review of the FSA’s Consumer Insights Tracker

4. Recommendations

Review of the FSA’s Consumer Insights Tracker

Last updated: 14 August 2023

To summarise, the recommendations of the review of the FSA’s Consumer Insights Tracker as outlined in the report, are as follows.  Overall:

1. The Consumer Insights Tracker be continued substantively unchanged for a minimum of three years.

This being said:

2. The scope for increasing the range of demographic variables collected and/or analysed should be explored.

3. The ACSS WCI Working Group should be consulted by the FSA team when new questions are proposed.

4. Greater prominence should be given to the fact that the Consumer Insights Tracker does not include Scotland when communicating the results to stakeholders.

Further recommendations with respect to the planning, implementation and management of the Consumer Insights Tracker are as follows:

5. Greater coordination between the Consumer Insights Tracker and F&Y2 teams should be explored.

6. A more explicit and coherent process of identifying new issues and testing these out with the Consumer Insights Tracker to maintain its relevance is needed.

7. More extensive statistical analysis of the Consumer Insights Tracker data should be undertaken.

Finally, with respect to communication of the results from the Consumer Insights Tracker, it is recommended to:

8. Consider how the slide deck could be improved to communicate better key results to stakeholders. 

9. Consider separating out the Consumer Insights Tracker, social media listening and food price tracking into distinct slide decks.

10. Continue publication of the monthly bulletin.

11. Review continuation of the end of year report on the Consumer Insights Tracker and/or the scope and format of the report.

12. Explore new ways of making data from the Consumer Insights Tracker available to stakeholders and that highlight key findings of each survey and trends over time.